Kushan Chatterjee.

I code to travel 🗻 🛫

I'm a lifelong learner in the digital world, always growing and creating to make a difference. In code and mountains, I discover tranquility and inspiration.


About Me

With a diverse skill set that includes UX design, UI design, full stack development and systems design I am a well-rounded digital professional.

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Softskills that pay the bills

In addition to my design and technical expertise—I also have strong leadership, time management, and multitasking skills—honed through my experience as a senior software engineer. Outside of work, I enjoy staying active going on 5k runs and embarking on trekking and hiking adventures. I am confident in my ability to bring passion and value to any project.

Reasearch and planning

One of my favorite aspects of creating is planning the architecture of a project. From Design Systems, UI/UX to development—I enjoy working with the many touch points of user experience.



As a creative technologist, I craft intuitive digital experiences using a diverse set of tools and languages.

Polymath foundations

With a strong foundation in both design and development, I bring a unique perspective to every project and am constantly learning and evolving to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

Technologies I love to build with

I deeply enjoy solving problems through code. From the front end all the way to the back end and the APIs in-between. No project is too challenging for me.

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